Do you struggle with video redaction requests?

When faced with a video redaction request of 1 or 100 videos, video quality will determine how quickly a redaction can be completed. For example, a lower quality surveillance video cannot be easily redacted with a high number of subjects in an efficient FOIA turnaround time. This is true especially when subjects are far from the camera lens.

Primeau Forensics is in compliance with CJIS requirements. We are experienced in providing online video redaction services to assist school districts, law enforcement and government agencies with their FOIA and litigation redaction requests.

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Why Primeau Forensics?n

Many agencies attempt to perform video redaction on their own. The problem then becomes they do not have the training and tools necessary to redact large quantities of video data efficiently and effectively. Our team is equipped with the software to redact both simple and complex requests on time.

Free Consultation

Discuss redaction requirements and lead time at no cost.

CJIS Compliant

Evidence intake and export procedures are complaint with CJIS requirements.

Fast Turnaround

We process all redaction assignments by using multiple technicians across multiple high performance motion graphics computers.

Large & Small Contracts

Our facilities can process single video redactions or hundreds of hours of redactions for FOIA.


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Video Redaction Services You Can Trust

Our online video redaction services range in cost. Click below to obtain a free cost estimate.